JavaScript & Frontend Developer Market in Malta September 2022

Malta continues to be a popular location within the JavaScript space and it attracts developers from all over Europe and remains a tech hub for talent with the growing number of opportunities available. Developers who are skilled in React, Vue, Angular and Node.js are in high demand and companies are searching for skilled specialists in the market. Companies are offering flexibility such as hybrid or flexible working hours due to the influx of new IT opportunities.

Along with the large iGaming presence in Malta, companies within the finance, payments, banking, tech solutions, crypto, blockchain industry and others such as AI, game development and media have made themselves known in Malta allowing developers to have access to more opportunities and a variety of industries available.

The most desirable skillset companies are looking for is developers who specialise in specific technologies such as React, Vue and Angular on the frontend and Node.js being the most popular for full stack developers. These developers tend to reach the higher salary brackets and the use of more modern technologies moving away from vanilla JavaScript is a trend which many companies are following in the Maltese market.

Malta offers an excellent work-life balance with most companies based in the central areas allowing many developers to walk to and from the office cutting down their daily commute and allowing more time to socialise and experience the beautiful island. Remote working also offers developers more flexibility and is an attractive benefit providing both the option of visiting the office and working from the comfort of their own home.

Salaries are gradually on the rise and this is due to the increased demand for JavaScript and frontend developers. The competition in the Maltese market and throughout Europe is very strong and companies are searching for developers with very niche skill sets. Malta continues to offer generous salaries to skilled frontend developers with a dynamic working environment allowing junior-mid level developers to progress quickly and Malta remains an excellent destination for career growth.

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