What are the Advantages of Becoming a Software Engineer in Malta?

As we become more dependent on digital technology, the importance of software engineers grows. Software engineers, responsible for supporting and designing programs and analysing data, make a huge difference in our personal and professional lives today.

Malta, as a leader in software development, has recruited IT talent from all over the world.

If you’re considering relocating to Malta, it’s best to seek a job with a reliable recruitment agency that will have inside knowledge and often a relationship with the company that interests you.

The section below outlines why Malta is an ideal destination for seeking work as a software engineer.

  • Career opportunities are multiple and varied. As well as tech giants in Malta, there are many progressive start-up businesses to consider so you’ll have the flexibility of choosing a job in an industry that really interests you.
  • Training and upskilling opportunities are common. It’s relatively simple for a software developer to acquire the additional skills to become a blockchain professional.
  • The software sector in Malta is highly respected among IT employers. If you eventually decide to move on and work somewhere else, your career experience in Malta will really stand out on your CV.
  • Malta is now set to concentrate on the Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These innovations will bring even more exciting opportunities in the future.
  • The influx of IT talent in Malta means there are excellent networking opportunities for software developers. There’s huge scope for teamwork and collaboration with programmers, clients and engineers for providing integrated team solutions. It also means it’s easy to socialise and connect within such a fluid population.
  • Training and upskilling opportunities are common. It’s relatively simple for a software developer to acquire the additional skills to become a blockchain professional.
  • The relatively low cost of living in Malta means a software developer on an average salary can enjoy a good standard of living.
  • There are different routes into the software development profession now and you don’t necessarily need a university degree. If you are motivated and keen to enter this vibrant sector you can acquire the skills in a relatively short space of time.


What skills does a software engineer need?

While knowing how to code, test and technical writing are key skills for software developers. To really thrive in your career, some of the skills worth mastering beyond the screen are listed below:

  • Communication. You need to listen to your clients and co-workers to gain an understanding of tasks and issues that need to be solved. You’ll also learn from them. When you need to communicate something, be clear about what you’re trying to say and avoid jargon. While communication skills come naturally to some people, they can be learnt and improved by everyone.
  • Problem-solving skills. A successful software engineer needs to have empathy first and foremost. He needs to adopt critical thinking and be prepared to consider a few possible solutions to a problem to discern the most effective one.
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills. As the software sector evolves rapidly, software developers need to regularly upskill and adapt their knowledge to solve new problems.
  • Accountability. In software development and engineering, errors will be made. Sometimes the consequences may be serious, but a good software engineer will admit to making a mistake and will learn from it.
  • Time management. This is an important quality in all professions but in software development, time never stands still. Innovations happen 24/7 and clients expect punctuality.

Nowadays empathy and emotional intelligence are highly prized skills by employers. The good news is that most of these skills are innate. If you need to develop some of these skills, it’s fairly easy and an awareness of their importance is a good first step.

Malta boasts an excellent infrastructure and its place at the cutting edge of software development gives it an amazing vibe. It’s also stunning with 300 annual days of sunshine and a lively social scene. The towns are vibrant and their idyllic villages and remote places also have great WiFi connections.

Recreational opportunities like diving and water sports in Malta’s crystalline sea are available all year round. Transport links to other places for weekend getaways are excellent as well. As for the seafood – the wonderful Mediterranean diet and inexpensive options for eating out warrant a whole new chapter of their own.


What are the Job Opportunities like for Software Engineers in Malta?

The global demand for software engineers is at an all-time high and continues to rise as organisations seek efficient, digital solutions to improve operational performance. Technological applications, clearly fundamental in business, economic and entertainment sectors, are also essential nowadays in the education, healthcare, and transportation industries. Software developers worldwide play a pivotal role in enabling these practices to operate smoothly.

Businesses everywhere are seeking updated software and digital tools to improve services, but the IT industry in Malta is particularly buoyant. Hailing `the Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean”, the Maltese government and Chamber of Commerce has invested heavily in IT and training and has attracted much foreign investment in software development. The island’s partnership with Microsoft to facilitate blockchain development has led to excellent career opportunities and multiple routes for progression in the fast-paced IT industry.

If you’re interested in providing innovative solutions and learning new programming languages within a dynamic and vibrant IT hub, you might consider developing your career in software engineering in Malta. Consider one of the top recruitment agencies to research jobs in Malta. This article considers why Malta has such a thriving IT market and why it’s a location well worth considering for developing your career as a software engineer.


Why is Malta a market leader in IT and Software Development?

There are many reasons why the sector is sustaining such tremendous growth. Some reasons for the boom are suggested below:

  •  The Maltese government has invested in the sector and now operates entirely online. Governmental tasks are carried out by local companies that have been trained in ICT.
  • Training programmes have been implemented in schools and colleges to equip young learners with relevant skills.
  • Malta is English speaking which facilitates communication.
  • Location. Malta’s situation, south of Italy and close to North Africa, means the island lends itself to excellent connectivity possibilities. As a portal to Western Europe and North Africa, Malta facilitates international partnerships.
  • Internet speeds are high and the fibre optic infrastructure is sophisticated and secure.
  • Low gambling taxes and legislation mean casinos registered in Malta can be used across the EU – this has led to a surge in the iGaming sector in Malta.
  • Malta’s progressive attitude to the regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency means the fintech industry is developing rapidly.

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