GDPR Statement

GDPR is a new paradigm for data protection rights in the EU. And, in particular, rights of Data Subjects to control their own data – what it’s used for, who has it, and why.

The General Data Protection Regulation brings together disparate data protection regimes across the EU. In addition to granting individuals greater control over their data, there are significant penalties for non-compliance and for data breaches.

That’s why Archer IT Recruitment Malta takes its compliance with the GDPR, as well as previous Data Protection legislation, very seriously. We see it as a central part of the service we provide to our clients and to our candidates.

We were ahead of the game early in 2017 when we started to implement our solution, gathering consent from candidates on our database. We informed candidates of their rights as Data Subjects and published our Data Privacy Policy. Since then, we have been taking all the steps necessary toward full GDPR compliance.


Benefits of Using a GDPR Compliant Agency

By using Archer IT Recruitment for your IT needs, you ensure that all candidate data you receive from us has been gathered lawfully, safely and with the candidate’s knowledge and permission. Not only does this make for a more transparent, open process, and a better candidate experience, it helps you to avoid the significant penalties that come with non-compliance.

Archer IT Recruitment only supplies the data that is absolutely necessary for the recruiting process (and that we have permission to share with you). This eases your burden and responsibilities as a Data Controller in your own right, as you will be storing only the data you need to be storing.