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Archer IT Recruitment Malta Salary Survey February 2024

IT & Data Salary Survey 2024

Updated with the latest sectors, roles, and salaries to reflect the most recent job market activities and salary market rates.

Archer IT Recruitment Candidate Information & Relocation Pack Malta

Candidate Information Pack

Information and relocation pack highlighting the great living conditions and work-life balance opportunities in Malta.

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Malta’s job market trends for each IT sector.

Top Tips for your first week in a new IT Job

Your first week in a new IT job is an exciting time. You’ve aced the interview, accepted the job offer and probably even celebrated already and now your first day is looming. In this...

Why the iGaming Industry in Malta is attractive for IT Candidates

The iGaming sector in Malta is experiencing continuous development and investors are confident that the industry will remain buoyant for the foreseeable future. The sector’s growth rate...

Key Skills Malta Employers are looking for in a DevOps Engineer in 2023

As technologies continue to advance and accelerate, development methodologies have generated a high demand for DevOps specialists. DevOps practices have revolutionised software development...

Key Skills Companies are Looking for in a Front-end Developer in Malta

Below are some of the key technical and soft skills for front-end developers. We’ll be covering: What Does a Front-end Developer Do? Key Skills Companies Look for in Front-end Developers...

How does a Junior Software Engineer Find a Good Job in Malta?

The tech industry in Malta, currently growing at a rapid rate, is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. The island’s burgeoning online casino industry and innovative blockchain...

What are the Advantages of Becoming a Software Engineer in Malta?

As we become more dependent on digital technology, the importance of software engineers grows. Software engineers, responsible for supporting and designing programs and analysing data,...

IT Job Opportunities in Malta

Malta has become a hub for IT career opportunities in recent times with recruiters frequently advertising jobs in Malta for talented IT professionals. The island’s location at the centre...