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Additional Info About a Job

Don’t hesitate to look through our site to discover an opening or a position that may suit you. If you require additional information concerning the organisation, the specific duties of the position, the team structure or salary and conditions, kindly contact one of our IT Recruitment Consultants.

Every Recruitment Consultant at Archer IT has recruitment expertise in a particular specialism of IT, Technology, Testing and Project Management. For example, we have consultants who recruit purely for .NET Developers and another recruitment consultant spends significant time in employing IT Security trained professionals. Kindly connect with the IT Recruiter named towards the end of the job offer.

Finding out if you are being paid fairly

Archer IT Recruitment has been specialised in IT Recruitment for nearly 10 years in Malta. We work together with talented and frequently passive professionals who disclose to us their medium and long-haul career ambitions. As promising positions emerge which line up with their vacation destinations, we educate them about the opportunity. We discover this partnership approach has assisted numerous individuals with accomplishing their professional aspirations.

Archer IT is an expert IT recruitment consultancy with the ambition of sourcing the top IT and Technology jobs in Malta. This is our value to you as a candidate.

On the off chance that you might want to reach one of our group of Recruitment Advisors to understand if your remuneration is in line with the industry standard, kindly feel free to reach out.

Concealed Market

A large portion of our career opportunities are recorded on the site. We do have a few openings not advertised on the Archer IT Recruitment website. Every so often, Maltese and global organisations will use Archer IT to source experts on a classified basis and the position won’t be advertised on our site.

Numerous individuals with abilities in IT, Software Development, Testing and DevOps register with us to be notified when opportunities arise. This can be useful for passive candidates to be the first to know about jobs that align with their career objectives.

The Opportunities we Have

On average, we have around 20-30 new openings each week recorded by our customer organisations. The positions are 80% permanent and 20% day rate contracts. We endeavour to be the best IT Recruitment Consultancy in Malta and actively recruit the best companies and employers in the Maltese market.

Our client customers include both Malta and International companies. They include iGaming, Fintech Companies and Financial Services organisations. This includes Banks, Payment Providers and Insurance Companies. We actively recruit for government departments, eCommerce, Consultancy and Software Companies.

Day Rate Contracts

Due to the speed of the IT, Programming, Testing and Business Intelligence day rate contracts, many job opportunities will not be delivered to this site. In the event that you are keen on day rate contracting, don’t hesitate to connect with us ahead of your present agreement lapsing.

Archer IT works together with IT contractors to introduce contract openings on an ongoing basis over numerous years.

On the off chance that you are new to day rate contracting or you might want to discover more, we can provide further information regarding contracting or direct you to an external accounting company to help with your assessment of whether this is right for you.

Remote Working Opportunities

We are finding now more than ever that our client companies are open to hiring specialist IT skills on a remote basis. We have noticed a 70% increase in the last year. This may not be appropriate for all candidates and clients but it is a trend that Archer IT Malta is facilitating.


Interview Preparation

Our specialist IT Recruitment Consultants are here to advise and support your job search. We can provide you with some tips on CV preparation and Interview questions. Please feel free to ask our consultants about ways where you can present your skills in the best way to prospective employers.