Java Developer Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

The Java market has witnessed a slight increase in salaries from the last quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023. The iGaming industry seems to have become the most desirable market for Java developers. Java, Spring Boot, Docker/Kubernetes, Kafka and Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure) are the most sought-after technologies.

Security has received more attention over the past six months. Security is becoming more of a priority in the Java market as a result of the growth in cyber attacks.

Many organisations are investing in security solutions to protect their Java-based applications from vulnerabilities and attacks. Also, the use of Java-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure is on the rise, making it easier for developers to deploy, manage and scale their applications in the cloud.

Over the past few months, salaries for Java developers have been increasing due to the high demand for their skills and the shortage of qualified candidates. iGaming, fintech and telecoms are the companies hiring the most and Java developers are being requested frequently to join the platform teams.

Candidates are still looking for flexibility as hybrid/remote approaches are highly requested. Greenfield projects, international teams, and learning opportunities are on the rise as well. On the other hand, good communication skills, willingness to work, and well-versed developers are the skills and traits most companies are searching for.

Benefit schemes that have become more attractive, similar to most sectors, are relocation support, health insurance, and wellness packages (typically gym allowance). Overall, the Java market continues to evolve and grow in Malta with new technologies and tools being developed to help improve Java developer productivity, performance, and security.

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