PHP Developer Market in Malta September 2022

From the start of 2022 until now, companies who are specialised in PHP technologies are still increasing in a refine mode. Companies are currently focusing on the main stack as well as other additional tools and skills. Most PHP developers are looking for an opportunity in the iGaming industry, solution organisations, worldwide consultancies and of course web agencies.

This is not a surprise due to the fact that many new websites are launched every day and this tendency does not seem to stop. PHP is one common technology that developers and companies choose to focus on.

Nowadays, the situation has improved post Covid-19 and companies are looking for more people who can work on-site along with the option of a hybrid approach and flexible hours. Organisations are offering great relocation packages which will help to cover some expenses to relocate. Malta is offering a lot of opportunities in the IT sector in tandem with a great work-life balance and strong growth possibilities in a global market.

Organisations are focusing on the latest technologies because the market is growing and there is a lot of competition. The main stack now is PHP 8, Laravel/Lumen, Symfony, and MySQL database. Developers who have additional experience with NoSQL databases, Microservices, AWS, Docker and those who are proficient with Git, have a higher possibility to receive a healthier salary.

Compared to previous years, roles with WordPress have considerably increased. These roles are mostly with performance marketing companies and web agencies that are operating globally. It is very important to have solid experience in building custom themes and plug-ins in WordPress.

In Malta, most hiring managers are looking for senior-level candidates who have a strong experience with the main stack and who are using additional tools. Despite this, companies are not forgetting about young developers and are helping them to grow within the organisation.

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