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Malta has become a hub for IT career opportunities in recent times with recruiters frequently advertising jobs in Malta for talented IT professionals. The island’s location at the centre of the Mediterranean and in close proximity to Africa makes it an ideal location for innovative technologies and new business ventures. Recruitment agencies like Archer IT Recruitment help candidates match their skills with top IT jobs in Malta. Whether you’re seeking an entry-level IT position, or are an expert hoping to progress your career in the sector, Malta jobs are advertised here.

This article identifies the jobs in demand in IT on the island and considers the reasons for the growth in this sector. You can also have a look at our latest IT Salary Survey which outlines how the IT jobs market in Malta is shaping up along with the range of salaries that go with it.


Online Gaming

The online gaming industry has boomed in recent years and has attracted thousands of gaming companies to Malta to use the island as their operational base. Malta’s gaming legislation facilitates online gambling companies and its low tax rates and VAT exemptions make it an ideal location for growth in the sector. Malta is a well-respected centre for online gaming. As a result, there’s great potential for career development in the industry.

What Types of Jobs are on Offer?

Online gaming is a sophisticated industry and there is no shortage of IT jobs and vacancies in Malta for talent in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Programming and Computing
  • Product Development and Design
  • App Development



Malta is fast becoming an important finance centre which has led to an increase in career opportunities within Financial Technology companies. The Malta Financial Service Industry has a regulated and comprehensive fintech strategy in place and Malta’s connectivity with mainland Europe is a big plus for fintech development.

What Careers Opportunities are there in Fintech?

With consumers wanting fast digital access to their finances on a global scale, the potential for growth in fintech is big. Archer IT Malta recruitment seeks talent in the following areas:

  • Language Programming
  • Software Development
  • Product Analysis
  • QA Engineering


Cryptocurrencies ICO and Blockchain Technologies

The unprecedented rise in growth in these fields has given rise to specific  job vacancies for:

  • Experts in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Blockchain Application Experts
  • IT Security Specialists

As well as specific recruitment drives for IT experts, the rise in digital enterprises on the island means there are jobs regularly advertised for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Website Developers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Technology Advisors
  • Accountants


Why relocate to Malta?

Malta is a very popular country for expats for various reasons. The most obvious attractions are:


Malta is a beautiful island with an idyllic setting and is highly accessible from many countries. Sicily is a short ferry ride away.


It’s sunny in spring with temperatures rising up to 20 degrees from March and staying warm until January. The coolest months are January and February with more rainfall and a dip in temperature to 10-17 degrees. Overall, it’s mild with over 300 hours of sunshine year-round.

Buoyant Economy

Unemployment rates are at the lowest level in Europe and the sectors mentioned above are booming. Tourism is also an important source of employment in Malta during the high season.


Maltese and English are the official languages of the island and most nationals speak Italian.

School System

Malta has a good education system with several international and private schools across the island.


Low tax rates mean you can enjoy a good standard of living. Use our Malta salary calculator to work out what you should be currently earning in the Maltese market.

Lower Cost of Living than Ireland and the UK

  • Cheaper Groceries – if you buy local produce and shop at the markets
  • Public transport is cheap
  • Utility bills are lower
  • Eating out costs around the same
  • Renting accommodation in Malta is reasonable if you avoid the touristy areas
  • Housing prices are similar to prices in Ireland and in the UK

Is it Difficult to Find Accommodation in Malta?

There is a range of accommodation available to rent for expats in Malta and it’s easy for professionals who have secured jobs in Malta to find long-term rental accommodation. Malta property is a good source for finding accommodation and has a range of properties available to rent or even buy.

Research the area first and decide which region suits you best. You might want to consider proximity and transport links to your job in Malta, or if you have a family and need to access schools. The following are good sources for finding accommodation:

  • Estate agencies – possibly the most expensive way of finding a place to stay but often mean hassle-free house-hunting.
  • Local and expat newspapers.
  • Social media pages.

Do I Need a Visa to Work in Malta?

  • As Malta is in the EU, nationals from member states are exempt from employment visa regulations. EU members can live and work in Malta freely as long as they register with the Identity Malta Agency within three months of arriving on the island.
  • Members from outside the EU will need a short or long-stay visa and an employment licence. Employers will often help with organising the legislation.

What about Healthcare?

The Health Service in Malta is excellent. Healthcare is free for anyone from EU member states and for anyone working in Malta. For UK nationals check here for more details.


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