Despite the current COVID-19 situation, most organisations have continued to recruit JavaScript Developers in the Maltese market. One of the major changes in the market is that more and more companies are moving away from Angular to a preferred JS framework, shifting more towards React and Vue. Many believe that Vue will continue to dominate.

We have seen significant growth in salaries for junior to mid-level candidates (<3 years). The mid to senior-level candidates have also appreciated salary increases, however, for the highest senior profiles who are engaging in team leading or management, it seems they have hit a plateau with no noticeable rise in salaries.

In the current market, there has been a great demand for JavaScript Developers who have experience with React and Redux. Vue.js has been adopted by more technical teams. Most companies are searching for candidates who have knowledge of GraphQL.

We have seen a range of companies across all sectors who hire JavaScript developers. The iGaming industry seems to be the most popular when hiring for this type of profile in the current market, however, remaining industries across the board have followed in its footsteps by hiring JavaScript Developers and other similar profiles.

Besides the obvious technical skills that are required (React, Angular 4+, Vue) most companies are looking for JavaScript Developers with good communication skills who can work and cooperate within a team environment.

JavaScript Developers who are exploring new opportunities amid Covid-19 are looking to link with teams who have adopted modern technologies where they can continuously grow their skills. The majority of JavaScript Developers in Malta find it a necessity to join a company where there is a clear path for career progression but also an environment with established performance reviews.

Depending largely on the company and industry, standard benefits packages on offer generally include private health insurance, gym/ fitness allowance and flexible working hours.


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