Functional Programming is coming out strong amid the COVID-19 era. However, organisations are being reserved for relocating candidates from outside their location. The main reason why many organisations in Europe are beginning to utilise Functional Programming is that it has been found to solve many of the challenges that have arisen within a traditional OOP approach.

The most established language within the functional programming space is Scala. Due to its growing demand, Scala has created many new career opportunities with projections of this continuing to rise. The Maltese market is starting to see some companies adopting the programming languages such as Scala but mainly within the data space and there is rarely used for pure Scala engineers. With the emergence of blockchain and crypto companies, there comes a use for the Rust programming language due to its safety and reliability.

It is expected that Rust will become more utilised especially now as it has been used by big multinationals such as Facebook. Haskell and Rust are seen as very advantageous skills to have as they are languages within functional programming. Many technical managers are looking for Scala engineers who have experience with functional programming frameworks such as Cats, Shapeless or ZION.


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