Salaries for Senior IT Leadership haven’t increased significantly in the last 9 months but that is more so due to the shift in the market rather than the value being put on these roles. There is a high possibility that we will see an uplift in this area throughout the rest of 2021 based on the supply to demand ratio of skilled senior IT talent and IT Managers.

Entering into the second half of the year, we have seen an increase in the requests for Senior IT Jobs. Many new organisations continue to open operations in Malta and are looking to fill senior positions. These new entrants have created new positions and created some movement in the job market across all senior level professionals in the Malta tech sector.

Compared with the standard IT profiles, Senior Appointments in Malta have historically been a small volume and more discreet in supply. Another point of note is the number of companies that have requested us to deliver a professional and discrete approach to the search and selection process which has resulted in a reduced number of roles being visible in the open job market. Fortunately, Malta has a strong cluster of skills built over many years and has good availability of leaders. Malta can still attract talent locally from other EU countries. Malta has an excellent income tax structure for high-income earners so, it can be appealing for those senior IT leaders on a higher salary.

As infrastructure continues to barrel into the software world via Cloud and Automation, it has changed how businesses think about infrastructure as a whole. As a result, this has given rise to new opportunities for Infrastructure Managers and Head of Infrastructure roles since it has become an area of transformation and investment for many businesses. 

Generally, CIO, CTO positions in Malta will have a full benefits package in conjunction with a basic salary to include health insurance, significant bonus, pension and above-average annual leave.

For current IT job market salary rates, please download our Salary Survey here.