Senior IT Appointments Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

Senior IT positions are always less common in the Maltese market, but we have seen a rise in these roles in the last year. There is still a notable increase in the number of new companies establishing IT operations in Malta, with hiring managers looking for senior IT professionals with extensive experience and strong leadership skills.

Candidates with expertise in collaborating with business and IT teams are in high demand for Senior IT positions. Salaries for senior IT roles have risen as businesses acknowledge that their teams are their most valuable asset, and a senior IT manager with a proven track record of continuous growth and the ability to create and expand high-performing IT teams is in high demand.

Interestingly, Malta continues to be very appealing to international senior IT talent, particularly in the iGaming industry, and there is a strong existing talent pool of senior IT professionals available in Malta that will only grow as the IT industry grows in the coming years.

Technology managers who have retained hands-on skills are now in the best situation because they can contribute value on multiple fronts.

As CXO-level business leaders are under increasing pressure to secure funding while also demonstrating ROI, anyone with a good track record of engaging with VCs and board-level executives is best positioned to navigate the current macroeconomic environment.

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