From the second half of 2021, the number of companies that are specialized in PHP technologies has seen a gradual increase and the beginning of 2022 shows the same situation. Most PHP developers are seeking opportunities in iGaming companies, solution organizations and companies that are providing consultancy services internationally.

With the new reality in our world, more IT specialists are looking for remote opportunities and organisations that are offering flexible or hybrid working options have an advantage and are more likely to attract top tier and skilled PHP engineers. It is obvious that over time technologies evolve and upgrade. Many companies in Malta are focusing more on the latest technologies such as a PHP 8, and the most popular MVC framework, Laravel / Lumen and Symfony.

The go-to database for PHP is undeniably MySQL along with experience in NoSQL databases – these are higher in demand and have the possibility of receiving a healthier salary in Malta. In addition to this, there has been a considerable rise in PHP developers that have experience in building custom themes and plug-ins in WordPress.

In Malta, many companies are actively recruiting junior-level software developer candidates and providing opportunities to young enthusiastic software engineers to learn, expand their knowledge, gain skills. The job market for PHP Developers is strong and companies in Malta are willing to offer strong training and provide proper mentorship.

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