The .NET market continues to offer many new job and career opportunities in Malta. The popularity of .NET technologies and the cluster of .NET developers in Malta has maintained a strong and vibrant job market. Most organisations have now invested in the remote onboarding process with candidates becoming more comfortable and accustomed to the online procedure. These companies are willing to allow candidates to work from home and run all interviews online.

As indicated, the .NET Development sector is still a front-runner in Malta, accompanied by Java. It is seen as the preferred programming language in Malta. The most common requirements are .Net Core, MVC, SQL/MySQL database, Cloud Platforms (Azure preferred), message brokers (RabbitMQ, Kafka), containers (Docker, Kubernetes) and Microservices.

If the job is a full-stack developer, the front-end frameworks required are mostly React/JavaScript. Also, jQuery is a basic requirement. In this case, knowledge of NoSQL databases is a strong requirement (MongoDB, Cassandra DB, etc). Also, typescript and ElasticSearch are common requirements. Angular, associated with .NET, is less common with most of the companies searching for mid-level and senior developers.

Salary bands haven’t altered significantly over the course of the year which is a reflection of a marginal softening of the market that has subsequently stabilised. In 2022, the industries currently hiring in Malta are Fintech, Information Technology and i-Gaming. These sectors are in pursuit of developers that are not only money-driven but who have experience in an agile development environment with a flexible approach to the job and exhibit strong personality attributes.

Benefits such as Flexitime, remote work, health insurance, frequent salary reviews, career and personal growth opportunities are offered by most companies based on the current conditions and seem to be most valued by job seekers in this market.

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