.NET Developer Market in Malta September 2022

Malta is still a hotbed for .NET talent with companies hiring from iGaming, Fintech, Finance, Aviation, Banking, Marketing, Custom/Bespoke Software houses and many more. There has been an influx of new companies setting up in Malta not only from Europe but also from the United Kingdom, especially after Brexit. This has led to many more opportunities for developers who might be thinking of new pastures.

Remote working is also a trend that is not going away anytime soon since Covid-19 proved that companies could improve functionality and productivity from home and developers are now demanding it. Hybrid options have been created to cater to those who enjoy the office environment but trust and flexibility are standard practices for developers here in Malta.

The standard technical stack for developers seeking a position in Malta includes .NET 5/6, MSSQL or SQL servers in general, and Cloud technologies such as AZURE or AWS and docker or Kubernetes as many businesses are opting to migrate to the cloud to seek the benefits it brings.

Salaries in Malta have slightly increased since our last salary survey and this is due to an increased need for quality software developers. iGaming is still very competitive, but many start-ups recognise the benefits of setting up a business in Malta, leading to an increased demand for IT talent.

Remote work has also created higher demand as more businesses from mainland Europe can now hire developers from Malta remotely. C# is still the most common programming language in Malta, with over 40 companies using .NET technologies with universities and schools teaching it to aspiring developers.

The island offers a beautiful balance between work and life. You have great opportunities to develop using the latest Microsoft technologies during the day and in the evening, you have the option to go for a swim at nearby beaches or go windsurfing on weekends.

For more information on the current IT job market and the latest salary bands in Malta, please download our IT Salary Survey here.