The Java market has witnessed a slight decrease in salaries throughout 2021 and starting in the first quarter of 2022. There are various reasons for this and from what we can see from the IT market, the Java space relishes a diverse market with companies coming from Fintech, Telecom, Transportation and the iGaming industry.

Alongside Java, most technical managers are also demanding experience with Spring Boot, NoSQL databases, PostgreSQL and exposure to Agile methodologies. Most Java candidates are keen to join Fintech organizations. Heading into 2022, there is a lack of procurement for iGaming companies and the majority of these candidates are looking to join newly established projects and teams in which they can grow within the company’s structure. They are also looking to only work with modern technologies.

During the COVID-19 period, similar to other sectors, candidates relocating to Malta are ideal but not always attainable. It has become harder to find people willing to relocate and there aren’t as many remote roles available as the market is starting to shift back and there seem to be less fully-remote options with hybrid being the most popular.

In the Java space (more than others), remote and hybrid working has become the most requested benefit by candidates. Along with these, flexible working hours and work-life balance have been more and more prioritized by people looking to relocate or progress in their careers.

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