IT Infrastructure & Support Market in Malta September 2022

IT Support

Since the start of the year, we have noticed an increased volume of support roles, especially junior ones. The majority of support roles are either based on shifts or include calls. The general experience being sought after is basic knowledge of networking, Active directory, experience through a ticketing system and along with some level of technical education.

Traits that are most commonly favoured in support roles is the ability to have open communication, friendliness and passion for helping people solve their technical difficulties.

Salaries, like any other IT role, varies depending on the level and experience, we have noticed a slight increase in the less experienced part of the salary bracket but the salary range is generally €21,000 – €30,000 for junior to mid-level positions.

IT Administrator

There has been an increased demand for Windows-based System Administration roles. Local talent is certainly fruitful as candidates are looking for opportunities that can assist their personal development toward cloud-based roles. Such roles are typically emerging from all sectors, but we have noticed an increased demand for such talent within the iGaming industry.

There are two versions of System Administrator roles; one type is focused on using on-prem technologies which are linked towards more networking-based tasks. Whilst the other type is focused on cloud-based technologies such as AWS and Azure. Typically, this includes talent focusing on migrating their operation from on-prem to cloud platforms.

Due to the natural path that the world of technology is taking to embrace cloud platforms, we believe that we will continue to experience a steady rise in this sector.

NOC Engineer

The demand for an NOC Engineer role has increased significantly in the last 6 months, which correlates with the increase in salaries as well. The term NOC Engineer can mean different things to different people, however, the most associated skills in demand with the role are good networking knowledge and experience in system administration and SQL Databases.

Strong growth for this type of role has been seen in the iGaming sector. Candidates who are interested in this type of role are looking to progress and shift their career into the DevOps space because of the ambience of various types of technologies to which the candidates will be gaining exposure.

The desired skill sets that companies generally look for are good communication skills and a willingness to learn while working on 12-hour and 24/7 shifts which can prove to be challenging. The salary for an experienced NOC Engineer usually ranges between €30,000 – €35,000.

Network Engineer

Demand for this type of role has seen a slight decline in the last 6 months to keep up with the market. However, the roles themselves haven’t disappeared, but have evolved into other positions like NOC Engineer or Infrastructure Engineer. Experienced networking engineers are still in high demand, particularly those who have experience in networking (CCNA CCNP qualified).

There has been a rise in the demand for Networking Engineers to have some experience or knowledge base in IT security. The salaries for these types of positions have remained steady, with most companies choosing to hire more junior candidates who will then get the required training.

Most networking candidates’ intentions remain the same, through gaining experience in systems and cloud technologies which is something the candidate looks for when it comes to career progression. As companies look to attract and retain talent, they must offer the correct networking and systems training programs to ensure the successful growth and progression of their networking candidates.

System Engineer

There has been plenty of growth in the demand for Systems Engineers across all industries. Once again, growth has been consistent in both Windows and Linux. This still remains one of the more exciting avenues to help enable candidates to successfully progress and grow into becoming Cloud/DevOps Engineers.

Many tools and technologies in demand right now revolve around the experience of working with Cloud technologies, Docker and Automation just to name a few. The salaries have also seen growth in this area, strongly depending on the technologies required in the role.

Generally, candidates are looking for a System Engineer role that will help them become a more well-versed individual with experience spanning across the entire IT infrastructure which in turn, benefits their careers greatly.

Companies are searching for someone who already has proven experience and is of senior calibre, however, companies are also shown tendencies of hiring more junior candidates and offering them training.

Cloud Engineer

As many companies continued the transition from migrating their servers from on-premises to Cloud, the demand for qualified Cloud Engineers has increased. The desired skills for cloud engineers can vary depending on the role. Typically, having experience with the big 3 cloud platforms (AWS, Azure & GCP) or any in-house cloud platform is most favoured. In addition to that, experience with DevOps technologies, such as Virtualisation and good Networking experience is also important.

The need for cloud engineers in the current market has dramatically risen and as a result, we have seen an increase in salaries and this will continue to do so, as it is still a relatively new field with plenty of potential for market expansion.

Candidates are responsible for consulting their clients after the migrations have been completed so it is important to have good verbal and communication skills for this role. The cloud space offers candidates a new and dynamic line of work with a very competitive salary.

For more information on the current IT job market and the latest salary bands in Malta, please download our IT Salary Survey here.