Functional Programming Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

Functional programming is expanding at a rapid pace, as it has in recent years. This IT niche is mostly active outside of Malta (mostly in the EU), with only a handful of local companies hiring in this area. Scala is the most well-known language in the Functional Programming field.

Technical teams are split between Functional Programming advocates and a more hybrid work environment which allows Scala Developers to find the environment they are a better fit for. Rust continues to gain traction and it keeps getting voted as the best programming language to work with.

Crypto & the Blockchain sector dominate Rust recruitment and despite the challenges in Crypto, there is still a huge demand for experienced Rust Engineers.

Candidates in a niche market like this are not entertained by relocation or work from the office, for them, remote working is a norm. As we are currently witnessing, organisations have adapted to this new reality and the majority of companies are offering fully remote working conditions.

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