Frontend & JavaScript Developer Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

With companies looking to upgrade their technology stacks and work with the latest technologies in the market, the JavaScript/Frontend space in Malta is continuing to grow stronger. There are excellent opportunities for skilled developers in Malta, with a particular focus on developers who are knowledgeable in the main JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Vue.js, and Angular.

JavaScript Developers who have a solid base of 4+ years of HTML, CSS, and core JavaScript skills are highly attractive to companies looking to hire. A noticeable trend for JavaScript Developers is the attractiveness of certain skills with React being the most popular and Node.js the most valuable among both junior and senior JavaScript Developers.

Salaries have continued to increase in Malta and are on the rise for frontend developers, in particular, the mid to senior-level developers who are specialists in one or more modern frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js. Malta is becoming an attractive place in Europe acting as a technical hub to work in an international environment offering a good work-life balance, great salary, and benefits package.

Companies in Malta are also now adopting a hybrid working model and trying to create a good office environment and concentrating on a great work culture as well as adapting to the developer’s needs to create a good work-life balance with flexible working hours and remote working opportunities.

iGaming continues to be a popular sector looking for skilled frontend developers and there is a rise in the number of iGaming companies on the island. The finance sector also continues to hold a strong presence in Malta with many Fintech opportunities on offer.

Additionally, there are a number of businesses that specialise in software solutions and employ top-tier frontend developers as well as those working in the iGaming development industry, which is becoming more in-demand on the Island.

Most candidates in the market are searching for companies with a modern technology stack, an opportunity to grow and develop their technical skills with the chance to work on an interesting project, and companies that offer flexible and remote working options.

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