DevOps, SRE & Cloud Engineer Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

DevOps & SRE

Towards the backend of 2022 and the start of 2023, the Maltese job market continues to thrive with a vast number of DevOps and SRE roles. Linux-based roles continue to be most highly sought after however, the demand slightly halted in early 2023 but it appears to be picking up once again.

Junior DevOps roles are primarily related to advanced System Administration and monitoring with a pinch of other tools such as Docker containerisation. Kubernetes and experience with Cloud-based platforms continue to be the most desired, while experience using Automation, Scripting, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), TeamCity, and GitLab/GitHub, are also vital to the role.

iGaming and Fintech industries still lead the market in terms of demand for these professionals, however, other industries are also following suit.

Hiring managers continue to increase expectations for DevOps engineers, which is coinciding with an increase in more specialised projects and higher salaries. Candidates with strong development skills are usually preferred, particularly in programming and scripting, although it is quite possible to progress to a DevOps-based role from a Networking background with uncapped growth potential.

One of the attributes that make this role very attractive is the different technologies in each area of DevOps that the candidate can choose to specialise in, whether it is a different programming language or Cloud provider. Senior workers now have the opportunity to continually expand their skill sets.



As more and more businesses shift from on-premises servers to the cloud, the demand for qualified cloud engineers has skyrocketed. The specific skill set required for a cloud engineering role may vary, but generally, experience with the three major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP) or any in-house cloud platform is highly desirable. In addition, knowledge of DevOps technologies, or experience with virtualisation and networking is also highly sought after.

Due to the significant increase in demand for cloud engineers, salaries in this field have seen a sharp rise, and this trend is expected to continue as the industry expands further. Candidates in a cloud-based role also need to possess strong communication and consulting skills, as they are often required to provide guidance to clients post-migration.

As more and more people comprehend that the cloud is not just the future but also the present, there has been a steady rise in candidates obtaining cloud certificates to deepen their understanding of cloud methodologies.

The cloud engineering profession is an exciting and dynamic field that offers excellent opportunities for career growth and competitive salaries. With the potential for further market expansion, this is a great time to pursue a career in cloud engineering.

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