Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics Jobs Market in Malta April 2023

The Maltese Data market remains competitive, with varying trends between Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Engineering. Whilst companies are slowly making the move back to the office, the preference for remote working is strong among candidates. Since Covid-19, work-life balance remains one of the most important factors when considering a new role.

In terms of Data Analytics, Power BI and Tableau remain the dominant business intelligence tools used for data analysis and visualisation. In the Maltese data market, both tools are widely used by organisations of various sizes and industries, with Looker as the primary and company-specific in-house tools running up second place. The skillset of Data Analysts is fruitful in all industries but is particularly sought after in the financial sector. This could be due to requirements from regulatory bodies where a higher degree of accuracy is needed.

For Business Intelligence developers, the distinctive trend is Cloud Technologies – AWS, Azure and GCP are the most popular. From the perspectives of both candidates and clients, these are highly valued attributes of a role. In addition to this, the ability to analyse large sets of data is a crucial skill in BI. In the data market, especially when a new function is implemented, experts who can analyse data and provide insights to drive decision-making are highly valued. This is especially true in the iGaming industry.

In terms of Data Engineering, the demand for Data Engineers in Malta is predominantly high across the board, especially in iGaming companies. The demand for this skillset seems to be strongly recognised and respected by employers across all sectors, with salaries for this particular role increasing gradually over the last 6 to 12 months. The cloud-based Big Data products like Redshift, Apache Hadoop, Talend, and Zoho are the ones that are currently in high demand.

Strong communication is an imperative soft skill in the data space, with most roles requiring the liaison of various teams and stakeholders, and in some cases clients.

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