Using your Entrepreneurial Spirit - Theo Yannakou

Theo is a specialist Recruitment Consultant in the growing sector of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We asked him about his thoughts on becoming a recruiter in a recruitment agency.

My journey with Archer IT Recruitment

Being new to recruitment, Archer IT Recruitment believed in my attitude and took me under their wing. They invested heavily¬†in my training and development. They are providing me with all the tools I needed to succeed. After only 6 months in and I already feel right at home and have achieved some great results! I didn’t have experience as a recruiter but the company has an entrepreneurial spirit and now that I understand the fundamentals, I can not only shape my desk but I’m also having input into the way we source IT talent for our client companies.


Relocating from Australia was a truly interesting challenge, however, the diverse and multicultural team at Archer IT Recruitment here made me feel at home right away. The team is really friendly. They are a motivated bunch and we have great fun. There are some really experienced recruitment consultants to work with and ask advice from. I was provided with all the support, mentoring and in-depth training to succeed. I feel like I’m running my own recruitment business.

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