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In recent years Malta’s IT industry has been thriving and is continuing to grow at an incredible pace. Investment in IT from the Maltese government and the Chamber of Commerce has attracted foreign investment to the island and created a wealth of IT employment possibilities. Malta’s central location and forward-thinking attitude towards cryptocurrency and blockchain along with the island’s partnership with Microsoft means this colossal growth is set to continue.

Companies in Malta are however facing challenges in recruiting enough IT professionals to meet this demand. The candidate-driven IT sector means companies must attract, recruit and retain top-tier IT talent to remain competitive and continue advancing technologies. Recruiting and retaining professionals has become the biggest priority for many companies today and managers are dedicating budgets and allocating time specifically for this purpose.


So, what are the top tips for recruiting talent quickly in Malta?

It’s time for businesses to get creative about attracting and retaining IT talent in the workplace. Ideally, you might consider engaging a recruitment specialist or putting a team in place to develop clear recruitment strategies. Think about using a specialist IT Recruitment agency if your company doesn’t have the time or resources to commit to recruiting the best talent. Recruitment agencies will have access to a talent pool and the relevant experience in reaching and screening talented candidates. In the meantime, consider the following tips to attract the right talent to your team:


Have a clear and attractive job specification

Ensure that your job specification and description stand out to attract suitable applicants. Be very clear on the skills you seek and the essential prerequisites for the job. Also, if you can consider all the good things about working in your company. The company goals, projects and culture. Emphasise the advantages that your company offers applicants.



Jobseekers today favour authenticity and transparency so be as clear and specific as possible about what you offer candidates. A vague advertisement or a generic description will deter strong candidates from applying.



Offer a competitive salary; while it’s not the only factor that candidates consider when applying for an IT job, professionals expect high salaries and financial empowerment often improves employee loyalty, engagement, and retention. Benchmark according to the market, check out our latest IT Salary Survey in Malta.



The job market has transformed rapidly and IT professionals are interested in flexible working patterns and autonomy at work today. Hybrid and remote working systems are now commonplace in IT. Avoid rigid hybrid structures and try not to insist on workers coming to the office on the company’s terms. Workers often like the balance of remote and inhouse working but allow them to make this their choice where possible.


Recruitment marketing

Competition for valuable IT specialists is intense meaning companies need to promote their brand and attract the attention of potential IT recruits. Develop a robust online presence on websites or platforms that IT specialists frequent. Engage with job seekers on IT social media pages to raise your brand’s profile and make it stand out. Define why your company vision is unique and explain how your business invests in its employees.


Spend time marketing Malta as an IT hub for professionals

Remind potential hires of the professional and personal benefits of pursuing an IT career in Malta or relocating there. Raise awareness of tax advantages and the relatively low cost of living and the great education system. Direct overseas applicants to reliable guides on how to get a visa to work there.


Create attractive career pages on your company website 

Featuring blogs and recruitment case studies on your site can be an effective way of getting attention. Videos and images of exciting IT projects and team working days can also be compelling for applicants. Consider this guide to create a stunning career page.


Keep the hiring process simple

While you want to ensure that you recruit the best possible candidates for the IT job you have advertised, time is a significant constraint for employers and candidates. Applicants will expect the hiring process to be thorough and competitive, but they won’t want to face rounds of interviews, psychometric tests and assessments. Remove barriers to recruitment and maximise the time you have available. Set a timeframe and stick to it. Allocate tasks like checking employment records and contacting references to other staff members. Investing in recruitment tracking software can accelerate the process.


Screen candidates thoroughly and keep the shortlist short

Make decisions within an allocated timeframe. Recruitment turnaround should be quick and responses and updates must be timely, or your candidate may lose interest. Lengthy shortlists can slow the decision-making process.


Consider alternative qualifications to university degrees

Start looking into accredited IT courses and training schemes. Upskill current employees on the job so that you might have an in-house temporary solution when staff shortages occur.


Partner with universities and learning centres

Long term this can be a great way of ensuring a steady stream of recruits. Offering apprenticeships and internships are reasonable solutions for future recruitments.


Be forward-thinking

Future proof your company by identifying underrepresented groups in the IT sector and getting involved in initiatives that provide training schemes and entry-level tech jobs. Seek applicants within niche groups and think about partnering with non-profit organisations. While this may not be a speedy process, it will pay off over time and help the company avoid future staff shortages. Diversity within the workplace makes for a more creative and inclusive workforce.



Retention of professionals in an employee-centric market is challenging for companies. Low retention rates can be costly and often affect the company’s reputation. They also impact permanent staff morale and may leave team members feeling overworked and underappreciated during peak times. While a professional recruitment agency can help you get staff quickly, your company is responsible for retaining workers. Consider the suggestions below to optimise staff retention.


Career progression

Offer a clearly defined path for career development and training opportunities and follow it through. IT professionals expect to be lifelong learners and want to advance in their careers. Investing in your employees’ career pathways will benefit the company and help workers feel valued which is critical in securing their loyalty to your organisation.


Maximise their performance

Engage professionals in exciting projects. Provide tools and technologies to help them work more efficiently. Keep their environment appropriate for the tasks they are performing. If they need a quiet room to focus make sure they have this space or allow them to work from a remote location.


Engage IT contractors during peak times

Support your staff by engaging IT contractors to ease their workload during busy times. IT workers are susceptible to burnout and companies mindful of staff wellbeing are more likely to retain workers.


Invite feedback

Give employees opportunities to communicate with management on how they feel about work. Anonymous evaluation forms and mini-surveys are an excellent way of letting workers communicate their views. Act on what they reveal and introduce positive changes where possible.


Fast hiring can be a stressful process though it has become imperative in today’s market to stay competitive. Smart hiring techniques and tactics will guide you toward selecting the best candidates for the job. While new hires can re-energise a team and bring essential skills to the company, staff retention is equally important and will help you avoid the expense and resources of constantly seeking new staff.


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