PHP Developer Jobs Market in Malta February 2024

Malta’s IT industry, particularly in software development, has been experiencing significant growth. As of 2024, there is a notable demand for skilled developers in Malta, especially those proficient in PHP, a key programming language for web development. This demand is driven by the need for businesses to build and maintain websites and web applications.

Within Malta, the realm of PHP development companies exhibits diversity, encompassing emerging startups and sizeable, established enterprises. These entities specialise in a spectrum of services such as web development, e-commerce solutions, performance marketing, and tailor-made software development across diverse industries. Notably, the predominant sector within software development centres around gaming, with a focus on software providers.

When it comes to hiring for tech positions, Maltese companies often seek Backend Developers but Fullstack professionals are needed as well. The predominant technology stack for Backend Developers includes PHP 8, Laravel/Lumen, Symfony, and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

For Fullstack experts, proficiency in Angular, React, or Vue is highly sought after. Additionally, experience with NoSQL databases, Microservices, knowledge of DevOps, and Git proficiency can lead to more lucrative salary offers.

Recently, there’s been an increased need for WordPress-related roles, especially from performance marketing companies and global web agencies. Candidates for these roles are typically expected to have a solid background in developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress.

The inclination among PHP developers towards flexible hybrid work arrangements has been on the rise. This preference is attributed to the convenience and flexibility associated with remote work, including the ability to work from home and explore travel opportunities. Recognising this trend, companies in Malta are striving to provide a balanced approach that combines the collaborative atmosphere of office work with the advantages of remote working for prospective candidates.

In Malta, the PHP job market is intensely competitive, prompting companies to actively seek out skilled developers. To meet this demand, many organisations are expanding their hiring strategies by considering professionals from various countries and facilitating the relocation of experts to Malta. This diversified approach enables companies to tap into a wider talent pool and identify the most fitting candidates for their needs.

Malta proves to be an enticing choice for expatriates, boasting a pleasant climate, elevated living standards, and a dynamic technology sector. The blend of lifestyle advantages and promising career prospects within a thriving tech industry renders Malta an attractive destination for IT professionals seeking a well-rounded and prosperous life.

This overview reflects the current state of the PHP development market in Malta and the factors influencing its growth and trends. It underscores the importance of staying competitive and adaptable in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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