Functional Programming Jobs Market in Malta February 2024

Functional Programming continues its strong growth, mostly active outside of Malta in the EU. However, Malta has started to see some adoption of languages like Scala, primarily within the data space. The emergence of Blockchain and Crypto companies has led to increased use of Rust due to its safety and reliability.

Scala remains the most established programming language within the Functional Programming space, with its demand growing as a key tool for organisations. Rust is also gaining traction as it’s being voted as the preferred programming language by software engineers year after year, and is increasingly being used, particularly in the Crypto and Blockchain sectors. Technical managers are looking for Scala engineers who have experience with Functional Programming frameworks such as Cats, Shapeless, and ZIO.

The growing demand for skills in Scala and Rust, especially in niche markets like Blockchain and Crypto, suggests a healthy demand that could potentially influence salary trends in this sector.

The majority of hiring within the Functional Programming space in Malta is conducted by a handful of local companies, with the Crypto and Blockchain sectors being particularly dominant in Rust recruitment. The market for Scala is more varied, with some companies adopting it primarily in the data space.

Candidates in this niche market value remote working as a norm and are not generally motivated by relocation or office work. They seek roles that offer them the flexibility of remote work and opportunities to engage with the latest technologies in Functional Programming.

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