The JavaScript developer job market in Malta is constantly growing. Companies are creating new job opportunities for javascript developers across all levels from entry-level web developer jobs to senior javascript developer jobs. Regardless of the size of the development team, the majority of companies have moved from the traditional Vanilla JavaScript to modern JS frameworks.

In Malta, the most frequently used JS frameworks are Angular, React and Vue JS. As a result of Covid-19, many organizations are continuing to offer remote working options to prospective software engineers looking to join their organisation and their current employees. We will watch this area closely over the coming months to see if employees or organisations are prepared to trade employment flexibility for an annual salary.  

The Maltese JavaScript market tends to place a high emphasis on professional experience with JS frameworks like Angular, Vue or React JS alongside knowledge of TypeScript, Gatsby JS, CSS preprocessors like Less/ Sass on Middle/ Senior Frontend Developers. A basic understanding of backend development languages such as PHP, Java or .NET is also a big plus whilst considering the growing need for all-rounder developers that can deliver integrated solutions. There is also a high demand for a Full Stack Developer skilled in Node JS and its Next JS library together with & React JS/Vue JS.

Average salary levels in the JavaScript space have not increased significantly over the last 6 months, which is a reflection of the market reaching a plateau. Throughout all ranges of companies across different sectors (Fintech, iGaming, Telecommunications, Information Technology), iGaming seems to be the most popular when hiring Frontend Developers. Apart from the obvious demand for React developers, Angular and Vue development skills, companies are looking for JavaScript (JS) Engineers with good communication skills who can work and cooperate in an agile team.

The majority of the companies are offering a standard package of benefits including health insurance, wellness allowance and career progression opportunities. As a result of the global pandemic, many companies have encouraged remote onboarding and relocation packages, hence simplifying the hiring process and allowing many organisations to offer and hire a professional developer more quickly. Unfortunately, some organisations are struggling to keep up with the speed of hiring as some employers move quickly through the remote hiring process. Typically, the time to hire a software developer has reduced over the last 9 months.

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