The Java Software Engineer market in Malta has witnessed a steady increase in salaries throughout the first quarter of 2021. This is mainly due to many new, well-funded companies, that have established operations in Malta and use Java as their core technology and programming language.

These companies are looking to attract the top Java software engineers in the market across all levels from a junior java developer to a senior java developer. The Java space enjoys a diverse market with opportunities for software developer candidates to join companies in a range of industries from Fintech, Telecom and the iGaming industries. These sectors are very healthy in Malta with the iGaming industry continuing to be a major employer.

Java Developers who can demonstrate experience in large scale complex systems or high transactional systems are in the highest demand. Experience with Spring Boot and its ecosystem is requested by most technical managers and software development managers in the market. We frequently see many organisations seeking Java Engineers with experience in parallel programming and cloud computing. These types of industries require candidates with experience in high transactional systems and multithreaded development.

Most Java programmer candidates are eager to join top organisations and newly established development teams in which they can grow within the company structure and have the opportunity to work with the company’s modern technologies. During the COVID-19 period, similar to other sectors, candidates located in Malta are most sought after by Malta-based companies, but not always attainable. In the Java market, perhaps more than other markets, remote work has become the primary benefit along with health insurance, flexible working hours and company allowances.

The job market for Java Developers in Malta remains strong with some increases in the average java developer salary.

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