The job market for skilled data professionals such as data analysts, data scientists or business intelligence experts is growing significantly both globally and in Malta.

Organisations are increasingly allocating more resources to these data orientated professions as they collect, manage, understand their data and potentially expand in the predictive analytics area.

The high demand skills job market are for both Data Engineers who can work with real-time data and experienced Data DevOps Engineers. There is some upward pressure on the median salary range for these professionals. Interestingly there is strong demand from candidates to future develop their professional skills within Data Science and the Machine Learning (MI) field, however, the supply of jobs is not as robust as some may expect. It is expected that Machine Learning will be a growing area of information technology, however, there still remains a smaller number of opportunities for companies locally who are prepared to invest in this longer-term strategy.

The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics space continues to grow in the number of roles available and the diversity of jobs in these specialisations. There can be a shortage in the number of local data candidates available to meet growing demand.  Often Business Intelligence candidates based locally can expect an increase in their basic annual salary. However, Malta continues to be an attractive country for business intelligence and data analytics analysts to relocate to. One of the key reasons is the progressive nature of the technology stacks that many organisations in the Fintech, iGaming and Telecommunications companies use in Malta. 

The Maltese market places a high emphasis on Microsoft Stack for BI roles, MS SQL for DBA roles, Cloud and real-time processing experience when it comes to Data Engineering roles.

Typically, demand is strongest from the iGaming sector when it comes to data engineers, however, telecoms and fintech organisations are always searching for strong BI professionals.

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