A Challenging but Rewarding Profession - Paris Michailos

Why did you choose recruitment as a career?

Recruitment first caught my attention when a friend of mine started an internship at a recruitment agency. Instantly, I was captivated by the dynamic nature of the profession. The rewarding aspect of being recognised for your own hard work and for delivering results was a major draw. Additionally, the variety of tasks and the excitement of connecting talented individuals with their dream opportunities made it an irresistible career choice.

How did you end up working in Archer IT Recruitment?

Prior to joining Archer IT Recruitment, I had already established myself as an IT recruiter in Malta. Archer’s reputation and dominance in the Maltese IT market were well-known to me. I had always aspired to be part of the Archer team, to be honest. The training and coaching provided by Archer, along with their unwavering commitment to high standards, set them apart from other agencies. Archer goes beyond traditional recruitment by adding value and operating as a true recruitment consultancy, which aligns perfectly with my career goals.

What do you find the most rewarding and challenging things about working in recruitment?

Beyond the financial rewards, the most fulfilling aspect of recruitment is the direct correlation between hard work and personal success. It’s a field where you are in control of your own destiny and can chart the course of your professional growth. Witnessing the right person flourish within an organisation, knowing you played a part in their journey, brings immense satisfaction too. Of course, recruitment does come with its challenges. The profession demands significant effort and perseverance, as setbacks and obstacles are not uncommon. It takes resilience and persistence to thrive in this field.

What do you think makes Archer different from other organisations?

Archer stands out as an organisation driven by a strong set of “Principles of Culture” that drive the company culture. As an IT-focused recruitment consultancy, we distinguish ourselves from the crowd by partnering with our clients to shape their talent search and providing valuable feedback to enhance recruitment processes. Our specialisation in IT and our deep knowledge of the Malta IT market gives us a competitive edge. Our strong belief in continuous training enables bright new recruiters to develop expertise in IT recruitment.

What skills have you developed through your journey with Archer IT Recruitment?

Reflecting on my journey with Archer IT Recruitment, I can confidently say that I have undergone a transformative professional evolution. I have honed essential skills and elevated them to a new level of proficiency. Notably, the training and mentorship I have received have bolstered my negotiation skills, equipping me to navigate complex interactions with finesse. Moreover, operating in an autonomous environment has taught me invaluable lessons in driving my own destiny and organisational and time-management skills. Over the past few years, my involvement in team management and growth has broadened my perspective on fostering team success.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

The future holds boundless opportunities for growth and success. At Archer, we have ambitious plans that are fueled by a talented team of individuals poised to execute them. Personally, I am eager to witness the team’s expansion and our penetration into new markets. The prospect of charting new territories and achieving even greater heights is incredibly exciting.

How do you find balance in your life?

It’s not a secret that work-life balance in recruitment is a challenging task, especially in the first year when the long hours and high levels of stress take over. However, as time passes, people manage to find a balance, and it gets easier. Personally, this is something I don’t think about very often as, for me doing something you enjoy and rewards you very well allows you to seamlessly integrate your personal and professional life.

What do you do to relax?

To unwind and find rejuvenation, I enjoy striking a balance between socialising and solitary activities. A nice night out with close friends, filled with laughter and engaging conversations, is a perfect way for me to unwind. On the other hand, I also find peace in quiet moments with a good book or a thought-provoking podcast.

Moreover, I prioritise staying physically active during weekdays. Engaging in some form of exercise or physical activity not only helps me unwind after a challenging day but also promotes a sense of well-being and balance.


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