A Challenging but Rewarding Profession - Paris Michailos

Why did you choose recruitment as a career?

I heard about recruitment for the first time from a friend of mine who had started an internship in a recruitment agency. I became immediately interested in recruitment as a career. I understood quickly this is a career that rewards hard work and results. Also, the position is varied and you handle so many different things which make it very exciting.

How did you end up working in Archer IT Recruitment?

I was an IT recruiter in Malta already before I joined Archer, so I was already aware of Archer’s reputation and the dominance the company had in the Malta IT market. For me, it was my goal to join Archer at some stage in my career. The main reason was because of the training and coaching that is provided but also because of the high standards that we operate. Archer really focuses on being another recruitment agency but adds more value and behaves more like a recruitment consultancy.

What do you find the most rewarding and challenging things about working in recruitment?

Besides the financial part? For me, the most rewarding part of recruitment is that if you are working hard and you are bringing in results you are rewarded. You control your own success and how far you want to go in your professional career. Also, finding the right opportunity for the right person and seeing this person growing in an organization is very rewarding to see. There is obviously the challenging side of recruitment too. There is a lot of effort and work that is going into this job and more often things might not go our way and if people don’t have resilience or persistence, they might find this profession particularly challenging.

What do you think makes Archer different from other organisations?

Archer is an organization with very strong Principles of Culture or values, that drives everyone’s attitude and performance here. We are an IT-focused only recruitment consultancy, we aren’t just another recruitment agency, which means we help our clients shape their talent search and we provide feedback to candidates and clients to improve outcomes and recruitment processes. Our focus on IT specialisations and our knowledge of the Malta IT market helps us stand out from other organisations. With our training, bright trainee recruiters in our company can learn IT Recruitment.

What skills have you developed through your journey with Archer IT Recruitment?

Looking back when I joined and comparing it with today, I’d say that I am a completely different person, professionally speaking. At Archer IT Recruitment, I learned to develop basic skills and take them to the next level. I would definitely mention the negotiation skills that I have developed here through numerous training and mentoring sessions. Also, because here everyone is autonomous I learned a great deal about structuring my day & time management. In the last couple of years, I’ve been involved more in team management and growth which has given me a new perspective of how to grow and support teams.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

We have so many ambitious plans and the right people to execute them. At the moment I am looking forward to seeing the team growing and expanding the business to other markets too.

How do you find balance in your life?

That’s something I don’t think about much really. I believe that if people do what they are passionate about, they don’t struggle with balance in their lives.

What do you do to relax?

I read books.


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