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Archer IT Recruitment Malta Salary Survey February 2022

Salary Survey Guide Feb ’22

Updated with the latest sectors and salaries to reflect the latest trends, market activities and salary market rates.

Salary Survey February 2022 for IT, Software Developers and Data Jobs – Malta

The IT market has entered 2022 stronger than ever and Malta continues to be a place of strong economic activity, growth and prosperity. Organizations across all industries are focusing on building and growing their technical teams and that has led to an increase in the demand for good quality and capable IT candidates.

The iGaming industry is a big driver of IT recruitment hiring, but it’s not as dominated as it used to be. Many new organizations in Fintech and IT Services have picked up their IT recruitment efforts which have resulted in an increase in salaries for good quality candidates.

In the last 6 months, we have also seen an increase of new foreign companies who are moving parts of their IT operations to Malta which has helped to diversify the IT market. Malta Enterprise strengthens its marketing and its exposure and together with a strong fund was able to attract all those new businesses. Finally, employment costs remain low and attractive for most foreign businesses in the Maltese market.

Archer IT Recruitment is a specialist IT and Data Recruitment Consultancy / Agency in Malta. Archer IT consultants are experts in recruiting within their specialist sector of the IT market in Malta. Our laser focus on these niches means that our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the market and that keen insight forms the foundation for everything we do. Our team shares a common goal: to unite the top IT employers in Malta with the best IT talent.

We have created this Salary Survey to share our insight into the market with candidates and hiring teams to help them make their next career move or to improve their recruitment process.

If you would like further insight on any aspect of our Salary Survey, then why not get in touch? Our consultants are on hand to help. Simply contact us on +356 2034 1510.


How do we get this information?

We compile this salary survey from 13,000 people working in IT, Data and Business Change on the Maltese Islands. We also look at the salaries offered by 80 companies and government organisations across Malta.

We consider trends in the US, which have a significant impact on IT Jobs and Employment in Malta. We also consider local information and statistics from the NSO.

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