Product, Project & Change Market in Malta September 2022

The majority of organisations continue to focus more on agile and product-driven approaches to requirement gathering and software development, which has increased the opportunities for product owners and product managers in Malta. There has been a maturing of role definitions in the product owner and product manager space which has helped to standardise job titles and salary ranges.

The job market has significantly improved for Product Owners & Product Managers over recent years in Malta. Companies are opting for a longer-term view of their software development and are investing in these skills which will help the organisation improve their software development processes. The market has moved from the traditional Project Manager roles, however, there is still a strong need for these valuable PM skills.

The Product Owners & Product Managers who are in highest demand should typically demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills.

Product Owners, such as Scrum Masters and some Project Managers who are able to use, explain and help implement best practices for agile development are preferred and in most demand in the market.

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