The job market has significantly improved for Product Owners in Malta in 2021. Companies are taking a longer-term view of their software development and are investing in these skills which will help the organisation improve their software development processes.

The continued momentum towards structured development agile methodologies continues to be a driver for this growth for the number of opportunities for product owners.

The Product Owners and Project Managers who are in most demand typically demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills. Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Project Managers who are able to use, explain and help implement best practices for agile development are in the highest demand in the Malta job market.

The demand for Scrum Masters or candidates with scrum skills is also in demand. The PM job market and for Scrum Masters is a little fragmented as people often develop these skills from different areas of the software or project life cycle. The Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Project Managers who have experience collaborating with co-located teams are in the highest demand.

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