IT Support

No major changes have been noticed in the last 6 months. Fundamental experience with basic networking protocols, active directories and Windows-based applications continue to stand out the most. The importance of SQL continues to be an important skill and finding a candidate with basic query generation continues to be a good asset. Salaries vary for support roles depending on the level and experience but remain within the range of €20,000 and €30,000 for junior to mid-level positions. More increasingly, candidates appear to be on the lookout for opportunities that offer diverse training and various career progression options.


IT Administrator

Over the course of 2021, we noticed a steady growth in System Administration and Network Administration roles – usually these roles are Windows-oriented. The general skillsets sought after for this role are Active directory, virtualization servers, CCNA/basic networking protocols with continuous growth in the importance to the cloud. Linux-oriented roles or a mixture of both Windows and Linux applications are usually associated with higher-level senior roles. IT Administration roles are popular across the whole IT industry but are more prevalent within fintech, hospitality, gaming and software companies. The demand for IT Administrator roles has continued to steadily rise in the last 6 months and will most likely continue to grow in the not-too-distant future.


Networking Engineer

Whilst the demand for Networking Engineers has remained steady, there has been a trend of candidates that are junior and slightly more experienced, who prefer to not solely focus on the networking side in order to gain more exposure to systems with the intent of entering DevOps/ Cloud Engineering space in the future. This has correlated to a slight but noticeable increase in the salary bands. CCNA/CCNP certificates with solid networking knowledge remain important and are highly sought after in the market with a growing focus on cloud-based platforms. Candidates have also appeared to be more focused on the training and getting certified, in particular, getting CCNA certified.


System Engineer

There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for System Engineer roles at all levels across all industries. It remains the best route to take to develop and progress in your career within cloud platforms, generally within DevOps roles.

There are 2 main types of system engineer roles, those who have Windows infrastructure and those who have Linux based infrastructure. Skills that have been particularly in demand are experience in using Cloud platforms, infrastructure scripting (PowerShell or Bash), SQL and Docker.

To elaborate further on skills, Docker remains to be the determining factor of System Engineer roles. Whilst it has been particularly challenging to find candidates who have been significantly exposed to Docker containerization technologies, organizations have been flexible in accepting candidates who have Docker certifications without hands-on experience.

For current IT job market salary rates, please download our Salary Survey here.