Why the iGaming Industry in Malta is attractive for IT Candidates

The iGaming sector in Malta is experiencing continuous development and investors are confident that the industry will remain buoyant for the foreseeable future. The sector’s growth rate continues to rise as technology develops and new games and experiences emerge.


What are the latest trends in the sector?

Several emergent trends have contributed to the surge in popularity in the industry:

  • The 5G network rollout has optimised access to gaming online.
  • Mobile gaming has boosted accessibility to phone and smartwatch gaming.
  • The metaverse has enhanced the appeal of games and increased their popularity.
  • Virtual gaming is evolving fast and VR equipment and accessories are becoming more affordable.
  • Developments in gaming include exciting features like experience points, duelling possibilities and side quests.
  • Crypto payments are also on the rise resulting in speedy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Gaming possibilities have been introduced into the education and healthcare sectors to improve services, resulting in an overall rise in popularity.

Malta’s innovative tech scene and willingness to embrace creative thinking means there is a range of appealing jobs in Malta in the iGaming sector. Job roles in the iGaming sector might include anything from customer experience management to PPC marketing or even compliance roles. The next section considers the main IT jobs in the sector.


What sort of IT job opportunities are there in the iGaming sector in Malta?

iGaming is a young industry with various jobs on offer. Archer IT Recruitment offers the most recent and popular IT job opportunities with dynamic and well-respected iGaming companies. These companies often recruit IT experts in the following sectors:

  • Front-End Development with responsibility for all elements of systems across clients’ browsers or mobile phones.
  • Web and App Design involving coding, planning and designing to create and design games.
  • Data Science analysis of player behaviour choices and timings to improve the game.
  • Back-End Developer for management of all the unseen aspects of websites and invisible services; implementation of new features and resolution of bugs.
  • DevOps Engineers for bridging the gap between development and operations require a broad knowledge of IT.
  • Programming using code to create actions integral to gaming platforms and how players interact with the game.
  • Product Development and Design for optimum game experience.
  • Game and QA Testing to identify glitches and enhance user experience.

Once you have a job in the iGaming sector, it’s easy to upskill or transfer your existing skills to get another job in the industry. It’s a flexible industry with great scope for diversification. In the next section, we consider why iGaming is such an attractive profession for IT experts.


What are the advantages of working in the iGaming industry in Malta?

Malta has become a dynamic IT nerve centre attracting talent from all over the globe. All iGaming companies are renowned for their competitive salary packages and compete with each other to hire and retain top-tier talent. The iGaming sector is relatively new and has a young, multicultural workforce. This section considers the benefits of pursuing a career in the iGaming industry in Malta:

  • High salaries – Salary packages are high. Most IT jobs in iGaming in Malta boast lucrative salaries. Companies usually offer generous annual bonuses too.
  • Dynamic ethos – The atmosphere is exciting with a young and energetic workforce. The wealth of multicultural talent means it’s a great place for socialising and exchanging ideas.
  • No dress code and an informal vibe – Modern collaborative workplaces add a sense of community to the work environment. You get to Interact with tech talent from all over the world
  • Conferences and Industry Events – There’s no shortage of gaming events and conferences in Malta with SIGMA among the most popular.
  • Flexibility – IT professionals expect flexible working patterns and most online casino companies cater for hybrid working models. Candidates expect this option to help them achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Networking possibilities – Malta’s wide IT talent pool means you will be surrounded by experts and industry peers. Great potential for networking and connecting with IT professionals.
  • Perks – iGaming companies invest in their staff and offer a lot of perks like study and training opportunities, health insurance, club and gym memberships.
  • Career progression – The industry is keen to stay competitive and regularly offers training possibilities and opportunities for study. Promotions, salary increases and training specialisms are commonplace.
  • iGaming courses – The European gaming Institution is based in Malta and offers online and in-person accredited certifications in iGaming. Malta has a Qualified Scheme that offers funding to do the courses. There are various Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses including a Master’s degree.
  • Excellent experience for career progression – Malta AKA ‘The Silicone Valletta’ has a top reputation for IT developments and a period working here will look impressive on your CV and help you get a job anywhere.
  • Relocation – Opportunities for relocation in the sector are great. It’s easy for IT employees to get jobs within branches of iGaming companies abroad.


Tips for getting a job in the iGaming sector in Malta

While there are many job opportunities in Malta, when you’re starting it’s important to get the right IT job that matches your skills and career aspirations. It’s best to look for a job with a recruitment agency in Malta. Agencies usually have relationships with major companies on the island and know where the jobs are before they’re even advertised. Follow the ideas below to increase your chances of getting a job with a reputable company in Malta.

  • Visit platforms and websites where iGaming professionals hang out. This can be a great way of picking up tips and hearing about the best places to work from people in the know. You may find out about jobs coming up on these sites too.
  • Tailor your CV to match the essential criteria in the job description. Make sure your CV highlights all your skills, qualifications and certifications. Check that the formatting and layout are impeccable.
  • It’s easy to study relevant online certifications at your own pace. Just make sure the course providers are offering authentic accredited courses.
  • Attend Bootcamp. This can be a great way of getting relevant certification in a short space of time. It’s an intense and fast-paced learning path, but can be ideal for time-crunched learners.
  • Go to gaming conferences. These are great networking hubs and often have recruitment areas for young IT talent. E3 and Video Game Developers are worth considering.

For more information on current IT salaries, download our latest IT Salary Survey or get in touch with one of our specialist consultants.